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Another factor to keep away from is to put on bum bags which are simple to take away. Thieves know that dating spanish woman you maintain your valuables in these too so bum bags are an A1 goal with «please steal me» written throughout them.

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The thief ran in, grabbed the bag, ripping it off the shoulder strap after which ran off. Outside the Sagrada Família we have been approached by two women who compelled a purple carnation onto every of us.

Barcelona Safety – Learn And Apply The sixteen Safety Guidelines To Safeguard Your Personal Safety.

I am amazed that tourists fall for this rip-off time and time once more. «I’m simply again from a week in Barcelona and sadly all didn’t go to plan. I had read the Safety Tips however I should have made my associate read them too. It is tough to avoid a bag snatch from taking place as all of us must take round a small bag with us for our visit. The neatest thing to recollect is do not put any valuables in the bag. If the bag looks like a digital camera bag or a purse then it’s more of a goal than an ordinary trying day bag.

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They indicated that there was to be an exhibition of flamenco after which requested us each for 1 cent. As this was such a small amount of cash we both thought this is able to be a great way of eliminating them and received out our purses. They tried to ‘assist’ us discover the appropriate coin by placing their fingers into the coin compartments of our purses. Later, and too late, we realised that whilst doing this, they’d milked out the notes from the notice compartment. The next day we returned to the same place and watched two different women pull the same scam.»

If you don’t consider me, just visit any Barcelona police station and ask anybody within the long queue why they’re there. I have been witness to a bag snatch on one occasion. The bag was across the person’s shoulder but only had a thin strap.

In addition to the above if you’re intending on driving a automobile in or around Barcelona we extremely suggest you learn our Barcelona car crime and security suggestions article. Spanish legislation requires that you’ve got photographic identification with you always though a photocopy of your passport is usually seen as adequate. Buy a transport pass that covers all your transportation needs before you arrive in Barcelona e.g. the Barcelona Card. This way you do not need to handle money to pay for tickets when you’re travelling on the public transport in Barcelona and it’ll also imply you’re a lot much less of a goal.

I’ve been paying homage to Barcelona by way of holidays for eight years now, and I am aware of the scams being acted out. There is not any simple reply, besides to pay heed to the advice given on this web site.

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The sufferer is then interested in the crowd and watches the performance. People are betting on where the pea is and every time the sufferer doesn’t play but watches and is amazed to see that each time they guess correctly where the pea is. Apparent vacationers cross by and take part – some win some lose but then win again once more and stroll away with the money. Each time the sufferer thinks that they’d guessed appropriately the place the pea is. One famous rip-off and could be found on the Ramblas every day of the week.

Try to maintain a low profile, emulate the gown code of the Catalans, and if you end up drawn to observe some street theatre or other, regulate the individuals around you. You shall be surprised at how you’ll recognize those intent on pick pocketing. The host of the «present» will then invite the victim to bet and can be quite forceful about this. With everyone else who has already bet trying on there may be fairly some peer stress to strive your luck.

«Why not» you assume – I was proper 10 instances so far. If you are watching this «present» you will not be aware that there are about 10 to fifteen people involved with this scam. They all gather around the individual shuffling in order that tourists crowd round out of interest.

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